My obsession with clean, fresh plant-based and wild fermented foods and organic wholefoods started during the heady days of the 1960’s in Haight Ashbury, San Francisco – a time of evolution and growth within the communal wholefoods movement.

My passion ignited my imagination and sense of joy when I discovered the healing power of authentic and traditional wild ferments and plant-based wholefoods. The desire to impart enthusiasm, knowledge and confidence to others organically grew out of it.

A new generation of eager cooks to explore their creativity, and to discover how incorporating wholefoods, traditional wild fermented and prebiotic and probiotic-rich foods and drinks into daily life makes a difference.
The relationship between the food that we choose to eat and share with each other, our lifestyle and the effect it can have on our relationships with each other and the planet can be regenerative and life-changing.

To create the magic that happens in the kitchen! With just a few simple wild fermented, wholefood recipes and tips you can confidently create nourishing, sustainable, quick healthy mouth-watering meals.

I’m Marcea. I started my dream as a clothing designer but quickly failed the illustrating part of the course.  I reluctantly quit and went on to forge my career as a Speech Therapist and  English as a Second Language teacher. 

Then as life takes you where you need to go, my next journey started with recurring back pain from a motorcycle injury. That led me to see a Chiropractor who suggested I change my diet to a Japanese macrobiotic wholefoods plant-based one. Consequently, that change was the vehicle that switched my whole life’s direction, meaning and purpose.

Onto San Franciso, to follow my dream, I spent two years studying Traditional Japanese Wholefoods and fermentation in San Francisco, and five years in Boston under the tutelage of such luminaries as Herman and Cornelia Aihara, Michio, and Aveline Kushi and Lima Oshawa, I became so passionate about Wild Lacto fermentation, organics and wholefood I could not help but spread the word. 

 I am a voracious researcher and recipe creator, chef, author, wellness coach, Oriental nutritionist, psychotherapist, counselor and educator with over 40 years of wild Lacto fermentation, organics and wholefood culinary experience.

With eight health, wholefood and children’s books under my belt, I have taught hundreds of fermentation, wholefood, and food as medicine workshops all over the world.

I continue to want to make changes for the better in people’s life. I am inspired when people discover how wild fermentation, plant-based wholefoods and lifestyle changes improve well-being and can actually fit into a busy life schedule.

My kitchen is my workshop and a playground.  I mix together humour, creativity, and joy where you will discover food to nourish your body and create a healthier planet.  

“Wild fermentation and nourishing wholefoods are my passion and where I find my joy and creativity”

-Marcea Klein

My life’s work actually seeded itself at the age of five or six. I loved helping my mom in the kitchen while she prepared her fabulous whole wheat fermented honey and walnut cakes, strudels, chocolate chip cookies, apple pies and much more which I ate too much of!

I remember licking the bowls clean and my mother’s words warning me that eating the uncooked batter would give me a tummy ache. Our adventures in the kitchen inspired my first cookbook, “The Sweet Life”, published in 1974. this book started me on my journey of sugarless, organic wholefood desserts and more.

In the summertime, I would help my father, magically transform jars of dill, garlic and pickling cucumbers into the most delicious Lacto-fermented wild dill and garlic pickles.as the bubbles rose and the colour changed from a rich green to khaki we quickly devoured them when they smelled and tasted just right! My parent’s European traditions and wisdom ignited and fed my own passion and still does today. 

These days, nothing gives me more pleasure than continuing to share my knowledge and love of nourishing Wild Lacto ferments and wholefoods with new generations of eager cooks. I spend most of my days developing and testing recipes, writing blogs and books and love nothing more than imparting these learnings with you so you can shortcut your path and find what works for you to achieve your goals.

Every time someone downloads a recipe, sees my Instagram or FB post, or reads a blog,   or shares a recipe or a successful ferment I do a happy dance and song because that is what makes what I do worthwhile.

Yours in health and vitality,


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