about marcea

Hi, I’m Marcea. I’m a professional cook, health, and lifestyle coach passionate about women’s and children’s well-being and based in Sydney.  

Pregnancy didn’t come easy for me; for fifteen years I struggled to conceive. My own frustration, impatience, and lack of confidence in the GPs empowered me to take back control and change what wasn’t working in my life.

Something had to give–I gradually cleaned up my diet and lifestyle, incorporated more fermented foods, used medicinal herbs and finally at the ages of 41 and 46 my new path resulted in naturally falling pregnant and having two home births.


Today, there’s so much information on diet and lifestyle online and that can end up being so confusing. How can we cut through the noise and find what really works? 

Thirty years of my own experience and studies of plant-based nutrition, macrobiotics, psychotherapy, and naturopathy have helped me develop a holistic approach to health using cutting-edge scientific evidence combined with traditional nutritional and lifestyle approaches. This has given me a unique opportunity to share my knowledge with my clients and make a positive difference in their lives.

Juggling a work-life balance can make it tricky to find the time and energy to work on healthy habits that make you feel good. With my help, you too can combine a busy lifestyle with healthy habits and juggle work, kids, yoga, pilates, relationships–all the challenges we face today.

Within a month, nine out of ten people in my clinic notice measurable progress toward achieving their goals.