about marcea

Hi, I’m Marcea. I’m a professional chef, cooking teacher, health, life, and wellness coach, nutritionist, educator, and psychotherapist, passionate about health and wellness.  

 With over thirty years of teaching experience in the US, London, and Australia incorporating Seasonal Organic natural whole plant-based foods, fermentation, pickling, nutrition, and macrobiotics I have developed a holistic cooking style and technique that works.  By using cutting-edge scientific evidence-based information combined with plant-based traditional foods from around the world my cooking classes are unique with a focus on wellness,  gut health, and deliciousness.

With over 8 published books in the US, England, Japan, and Australia  The Sweet Life, followed by Naturally Sweet and Sugar-Free The Sugar-Free Dessert Cookbook were my first and second books. None of the recipes use a speck of refined sugar or processed foods and little if any dairy food. 

  The Australian Book of Wholemeals and Wholemeals incorporated the most nutritious and delicious plant-based whole food cuisines from all over the world using alternative proteins for a plant-based diet for our well-being. I have created dishes that will satisfy, delight, and keep you healthy at each stage of your life. 

Macrobiotics and Beyond grew out of a love of my experience with seasonal Japanese plant-based cuisine stemming from a longstanding interest in oriental health modalities, especially the Japanese macrobiotic view. It emphasizes taking responsibility for nourishing ourselves and our families by providing  seasonal menus for different times of the year. The book teaches us to flow with the rhythms of Nature.

The importance of nutrition and learning when and how to use more natural medicine instead of pharmaceuticals for simple childhood ailments is critical during the First Thousand Days of a child’s development. This can impact Brain development and Overall health and vitality.  I explore these topics in my book, Natural Health and Healing for Children and The Encyclopedia of Natural Health and Healing. 

My vision when I am teaching is to empower people to establish healthy lifestyle habits through their food choices. I love to teach and share cooking seasonal organic plant-based foods and fermentation from around the world.  In my cooking courses, people come away feeling more confident, knowledgeable, and skilled in working with spices, herbs, whole grains, beans, and plant-based proteins. By choosing and preparing appropriate and delicious whole plant-based foods, ferments, and pickles it gives you all of the delicious,  satisfying and nutritious protein, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals you need on a daily basis.

Whether you are time-poor, looking for some healthy recipes, or thinking of incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet, my plant-based course has all the inspiration you will need to create delicious and balanced meals. 

As the environmental need to increase our plant-based eating has become more pressing my organic plant-based cooking and fermentation classes will provide you with tools that will help you create truly flavourful plant-based food at home and for friends and family.

I was a sick child.  Always suffered from chest infections, sore throat, fever, and then menstrual problems Pregnancy didn’t come easy for me;  I tried for 15 years and nothing happened.  My lack of confidence in Western medicine empowered me to find other avenues to implement into my lifestyle. 

I consulted a Chinese Herbalist, he changed my diet, exercise, and lifestyle routine.   I Incorporated more organic seasonal wholefood plant-based and fermented food and pickles into my diet.   Started growing my own herbs and vegetables. Took up more yoga and meditation. 

 Five years later, it worked….Two Natural childbirths at home at the age of  41 and 46! 



Festive Ferments Course

I really enjoyed the small group and interactions throughout the course. It had the right amount of hands-on cooking

plus tutoring from Marcea. I enjoyed the canapes and fermented drinks that we all enjoyed. (Sydney Community College)

Fermenting & Pickling for the Seasons Course

Marcea is a passionate and experienced practitioner of fermenting, Her teaching style is very inclusive,

informative, and generous. A thoroughly enjoyable experience. (Sydney Community College)

How to Make Vegetarian Dumplings

Online Course

Great tutor – she was very clear. also was great to have it at home – we were able to sign up when we never would have committed to an in-person class. please keep a range of online classes available. Sydney Community College