about marcea

family-pic-2“My kitchen is where I feel most at home and where I play.   I mix together creativity, joy and plant-based ingredients where you will discover how to nourish your body and soul and create a healthier you. “

My obsession with clean, organic, fresh plant-based wholefoods and wild fermented foods started in NYC with a painful back injury, which led me to seek the help of a chiropractor. He suggested a plant-based organic diet.  Within two weeks of changing my diet, I was pain-free and a passion ignited within me to study this way of cooking and living.

During the heady days of the 1960’s I made my way to a Macrobiotic Summer camp  in Haight Ashbury, district of San Francisco – a time of evolution and growth within the communal wholefoods movement……. After 2 years of attending cooking and fermentation wholefood classes and establishing “The Noodle Bar” a wholefoods Japanese Cafe, in Berkley Ca. I moved back to Boston to do more study under the tutelage of such luminaries as Herman and Cornelia Aihara, Michio, and Aveline Kushi and Lima Oshawa.

I began to experiment with desserts and wrote my first cookbook, “The Sweet Life”, published in 1974 which started me on my journey of sugarless, organic plant-based wholefood desserts and more.

London was the next stop where I taught at the East-West Centre, started a Wholefoods Bakery and met Bruce Gyngell who was the head of the ABC Television Tribunal in Australia.  Bruce was looking for a back cure and heard that a plant-based wholefood macrobiotic diet could do that.

He invited us to come to Sydney, Australia where we started the East-West Centre in Sydney in the 1980s which housed the first Wholefoods cooking school, pioneered Japanese Oki-Do Yoga classes, Japanese Shiatsu and Acupuncture and I also started the first Organic Japanese Tofu Factory in Sydney.

Fertility Concerns

Struggling to conceive, for 15 years, I changed my diet and lifestyle and included Chinese herbs. Five years later at the age of 41, I had a natural home birth giving birth to my first baby- a boy and 5 years later a beautiful baby girl followed at the age of 46.

 I have authored 7 other books on wholefoods and children’s health and have taught and educated thousands of students on fermenting, plant-based wholefood, fertility and food as medicine workshops all over the world.

Teaching and sharing Wild fermentation and nourishing plant-based wholefoods are my passion and where I find my joy and creativity”

Yours in health and vitality,



BA Speech Pathology CCNY 1965

Bachelor of Health Science CCNY 1970

Wholistic Health Counsellor 1996 The Australian School of Macrobiotics

Holistic Health Coach  2002 Academy of Healing Nutrition

Traditional Chinese Medicine Naturopath and Nutritionist 2004- Chinaherb

Buddhist Psychotherapist and Clinical Psychotherapist- Institute of Clinical Psychotherapy 2008

Dream Analyst- The Australian and NZ Assoc. of Independent Dream Analysts 2008

Food As Medicine- Monash University 2016