Marcea Klein’s Approach to Wellbeing

I am an author, chef, and educator. I also practice Psychotherapy, Holistic nutritional medicine, and Life Coaching. Since my early pioneering work with the organic whole foods movement in the USA in the 1960s, My list of achievements has included starting Berkeley’s first vegan wholefood Japanese macrobiotic eatery; creating the first tofu “cheesecake” in New York in the 70s; operating a wholefood bakery in London, an organic Japanese tofu factory and the Wholesome Gourmet Cookery School in Sydney in the ’80s.

I have also published 8 books as well as written as a food journalist for the Sydney Morning Herald, Wellbeing Magazine, and Nature & Health Magazine. As a presenter, I have appeared on SBS and ABC TV and Radio.

Come and join me in one of my cooking classes. I offer Seasonal plant-based /vegan Dumplings, Ferments including sauerkraut, kimchi, salt brine pickles, miso pickles, Wholefood Cooking, Japanese Wholefoods, and Naturally Sweet desserts.

All of my recipes are designed to help you understand how to boost your immune system and make you feel good, and balanced, lose weight, and feel more vital.

Whatever you want whether it be through food and/or lifestyle you can find it here.

Why not join me in an online zoom workshop or in-person class to experience that for yourself.

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