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A unique and personalized approach to creating optimal health and the lifestyle you want

What is nutritional psychotherapy? 

If you’ve read about how omega-3 fats can benefit brain health or how the gut microbiome benefits from a healthy microbiome of bacteria, fungus, and parasites and can impact and alter depression, you are reading about nutritional psychotherapy and the body, brain and mind connection.

This emerging area seeks to understand how our food impacts our brain health and how this research can be translated into useful day to day body-brain care, both for prevention and treatment.

Marcea’s life long work is based on her own personal journey of years of poor gut health, fertility issues, and relationship issues.  She turned all that around with her study of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic nutrition and psychotherapy and has been helping others do the same.

Her Holistic health strategy is based on her own life experience. It’s about encouraging and empowering you to look at oneself holistically what’s not working in your life, what could be improved, set some goals and make supportive changes that will create an integrative approach for your health and wellbeing.

A Word from Marcea

I’m here to support you with your own personal journey to optimal health.  Why not Contact me to book a one-on-one holistic health & wellness session.  Together, we will assess your health and lifestyle needs and address the root cause of any imbalance. Using evidence-based natural remedies, dietary, nutritional and exercise routines as tools to change your lifestyle,  Consultations are available in-person (Sydney or the Blue Mountains) or online (worldwide).

 With over 30 years of experience, knowledge, and wisdom in Food and Medicine, nutrition, movement, and exercise and over 20 years of experience as a counselor and nutritional psychotherapist, I am passionate about supporting you in reaching the goals.  

One of my key areas of focus is the relationship between mood swings like depression, anxiety, and what your own personal diet can achieve. Also by incorporating an individual exercise and movement plan and sustainable lifestyle choices you can achieve a positive outcome. 

Living a thriving life is about making healthy choices that positively impact mental, physical, and emotional health.


Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching and Counselling 

A New Individual You

 Make the best investment you can for the rest of your life. Let’s design an individual program just for you. With your specific health and wellness goals in mind,  and my passion we can develop a nutritional and lifestyle plan to help improve and sustain well-being for each stage of your life.

 Everyone deserves health and happiness. I specialize in empowering, encouraging and supporting you on your own path to holistic health which includes your own specific goals in mind.  With this program, you will feel more energized, clearer,  sleep better, have more confidence, stress less and be more inspired.

I use a body-brain integrative approach to improving your overall health and wellbeing. Sessions are not limited only to dietary advice and lifestyle changes.  Sometimes, if you wish a  part of our session may look into the obstacles that might inhibit positive changes in your health and wellbeing.

We will create a vision board for your health and well-being, develop healthy tools and habits using a mindfulness approach along with new cutting edge research and techniques. There is no quick fix for transformation.

By the end of 6 sessions, you will walk away with a plan and tools, knowledge, and confidence that will empower you to integrate this balanced new-found knowledge into your life.

Whatever you may be experiencing- this is for you if you are looking for:

Brain, mind, body balance

Less stress

More Energy

Better Sleep

Specific dietary and nutritional recipes with lots of  variety

eliminate allergies, mood swings

Hormonal concerns

Reduce inflammation

Weight balance



A healthier more balanced you can be achieved!



Every week there seems to be a new food fad doing the rounds, which makes it hard to know what is right for your body. With rates of mental health, infertility, children’s health, toxic overload and chronic disease on the rise, get the facts you need from a professional and make informed decisions.

Weight management 

jennifer-burk-118076-unsplash (1)

The first step to healthy weight loss is to stop dieting. Don’t count and reduce kilojoules, otherwise, your body will think there is a famine, which raises stress levels and contributes to fat storage. With a few simple changes to your diet, lifestyle and exercise routine, you’ll soon be on your way to a lighter, healthier and happier you.

Pre- Conception, Pregnancy and Fertility solutions 


 Are you thinking about becoming pregnant in the future or having fertility challenges right now? Age, weight, diet, environmental toxins and lifestyle can all affect fertility. The environmental contributors to reproductive health begin BEFORE conception and in utero. The road to parenthood starts with you and your partner’s health before conception. Discover the best ways to prepare you and your partner for a healthy, conception, pregnancy, birth and baby!

Hormonal rebalancing 


There’s a persistent myth that only women above 50 have hormonal imbalances. Women of all ages experience imbalances like PMS> Even mental health issues like depression and anxiety can have their roots in hormonal imbalance. In fact, hormones regulate almost every key function in your body. No matter what your age, it’s possible to reverse any systemic damage and get back your natural spark.

Environmental toxicants  


So-called health foods, home, air, and office environments can be loaded with toxicants,* undermining your health. Chemical compounds like Glyphosate, ubiquitous in our food, air, and water are now found in every person.

Let’s plan an individual toolkit together for detoxing and gently and safely removing environmental toxicants from your body. This will improve your overall health especially if you are experiencing recurrent bouts of illness, allergies, brain fog, sinus congestion, digestive issues or inflammation. 

*A poison that is made by humans or that is put into the environment by human activities. Many pesticides are toxicants.

Children’s health 


I’m passionate about helping you grow strong, happy and healthy children. Discover the simple tools, you need to treat your child’s health symptoms naturally and boost their immune systems and their brain.  You will be liberated from the concern that we all face as parents about making sure we’re doing the right thing for our children’s health.



We all long for something or some way to take us outside our physical, mental or emotional suffering and avoid the experience of life’s unpredictable transitions.

A counseling relationship provides support and guidance, offering you an opportunity to explore your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, hopes, and desires. The primary focus is on the here and now: your lifestyle and what you are experiencing in the present moment in relation to your current challenges.

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