Healthy Habits


My unique personalized approach to creating healthy habits for a balanced  lifestyle 

Set up life-long healthy habits 

1 Don’t skip breakfast

It’s important for a bunch of reasons. It kick-starts your metabolism and prevents you from overeating later. If a big bowlful is just not for you, start with a protein drink or something warm to start your day.

 2. Stay Hydrated with flitered water – If you aren’t too keen for good old plain water, add slices of mandarin, orange, lemon, lime, or cucumber.

3. Take a break every hour. Do some stretches, go for a quick walk or run up and down some stairs if you have some.


 Nutrition and diet

Every week there seems to be a new food trend doing the rounds, which makes it difficult to know what is right for your body. With rates of mental health, infertility,  gut health, children’s health, toxic overload, and chronic disease on the rise, get the facts you need from a professional and make informed decisions.

Adding Lacto- fermented and whole food to your diet is a great way not only to improve digestive symptoms such as bloating, gas, overweight, and mood swings but also to support your immune system, mental health, weight loss and rebalance your gut bacteria. 

How to achieve the weight that you want

Stop dieting! Don’t count and reduce kilojoules, otherwise, your body will think there is a famine, which raises stress levels and contributes to fat storage. With a few simple changes to your diet, including fermented foods,  rebalancing your hormones by eliminating toxic hormone disruptors, and finding an exercise routine that works for your body, you’ll soon be on your way to a lighter, healthier, and happier you.

Tips for Pre- Conception, Pregnancy, and Fertility 

Are you thinking about becoming pregnant in the future or having fertility challenges right now? Age, weight, diet, gut health, and environmental toxins all affect reproductive health.

It begins way BEFORE conception and in utero. The road to parenthood starts with your and your partner’s commitment to health at least 6 months before conception.


Balance your mood through your hormones


There’s a persistent myth that only women above 50 have hormonal imbalances. Women and men of all ages experience imbalances.  Even mental health issues like depression and anxiety can have their roots in hormonal imbalances and endocrine disruptors, in fact, hormones regulate almost every key function in your body. No matter what your age, it’s possible to reverse any systemic damage and get back your natural spark.


What meditation can do for you

Whether it be to support your mind, mood, or health, meditation is a fantastic tool to achieve these goals. In just a few minutes a day, you can focus your mind to reduce pain, stress, anxiety, mood swings, depression, and much more.

It’s not possible to smell, taste, touch, or see stress but you can feel the effects on your mind and body. With meditation, you can minimize the effects on your body and mind very quickly.

Just start with 5- 10 minutes a day at the same time in the morning, in a special place and it will soon become a habit just like brushing your teeth.

There are many forms you can learn. Together we can try different types of meditation techniques to see which one best resonates with you.

Tips for better Children’s health


I’m passionate about helping you grow strong, happy, and healthy children. Discover the simple tools, you need to treat your child’s health symptoms naturally, keep them vibrant and healthy by introducing plant-based Whole foods and fermented foods into their diet at an early age, to boost their immune systems and overall health.  You will be liberated from the concern that we all face as parents about making sure you are doing the right thing for our children’s health.

Is Counseling, Coaching, or Psychotherapy for you?


Sometimes, while we know what we want, we struggle to find the patterns and systems to get us there. Coaching, counseling, or psychotherapy may be a solution to help you feel equipped with the tools you need to build a more fulfilling life.

  •  Figure out your goals and build concrete plans to achieve them, whilst also addressing some of the underlying issues that might be holding you back.

Let’s look to set achievable goals and produce measurable results in whichever areas of life you wish to focus on. Practical steps to navigate your life in the right direction, whether that be in your career, your relationships, or your sense of self.

A counseling, coaching, or psychotherapy relationship provides an opportunity to make sense of what you no longer want or need in your life and make space for what you do.

 Embrace change, and make this transition so you can move forward. 

A Word from Marcea

Contact me to book a free one-on-one health & wellness session. Consultations are available in-person (Sydney or the Blue Mountains) or online (worldwide).

With over 30 years of experience, knowledge, and wisdom in Eastern and Western whole food, medicine, fermentation and yoga, Qi Gong,  and other forms of exercise; and over 25 years of experience as a counselor, coach, yoga teacher, and nutritionist I am passionate about supporting you in reaching your goals.  





(see below” Cancers in adults under 50 on the rise globally study finds”.

Come and have a chat :

  •  Are you struggling with weight loss or gain?
  • Are you wanting to know more about gut health and build your immunity?
  • Are you wanting to transition to a plant-based or vegan diet and are unsure of how to go about it?
  •  Are you stressed, time-poor, and need some quick recipes and tips to improve your health?
  • Are you and your partner having pregnancy challenges?
  • Are you planning to get pregnant and want to have a program to make sure that you and your partner are in good health before conception?
  • Are you pregnant or just had a baby and are breastfeeding and need some guidance?
  • Are you approaching pre- or post-menopause and want to make an easy transition?
  •  Are you overwhelmed with all the diet trends and can’t decide which one suits you best at this time in your life?
  • Are you experiencing hormonal changes with mood swings, weight gain, and other pre-menstrual problems which are causing you untold distress?
  • Do you want to find a diet that is right for you and manage digestive disturbances like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), bloating, and irregular bowels?

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Remember what it’s like to Have Fun

Watch more Comedy

Move more – more physical activity

Take an electronic holidayKeep off the screen at night

Pamper yourself

Surround yourself with people who motivate you and are positive

Do something adventurous, live boldly

Love your body treat it with loving kindness- Reduce the alcohol, fatty/sugary foods, or medication

Meditate and slow down your braiin