Wholefoods Cooking and Fermentation Workshops

I loved learning something new, from an extremely knowledgeable and friendly tutor.
-Workshop student

It was a great idea to taste the finished product Marcea – thank you.
-Workshop student

Loved this course! Marcea is highly knowledgeable and the food was delish! Thank you.
-Workshop student

A most informative class, Marcea is a very passionate educator and cares for the wellbeing of all. I enjoyed the class very much.
-Workshop student

Health & wellness coaching

About eight months ago, I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I approached Marcea for advice, and she provided me with a very detailed and specifically targeted dietary roadmap. I followed this advice, and upon having a follow-up blood test last month, I was told that the test readings are now below the threshold for diabetes. I’m delighted that the ailment has subsided in such a short time. All thanks to Marcea for her inspired advice!


I have known Marcea for a quarter of a century. Marcea demonstrates an exceptional ability to care for unwell people with great sensitivity, and with lateral thought and universality in concept. She envisages the whole person in the process of providing care. The modalities Marcea uses are predominantly Traditional Chinese Medicine, with all its wonderfully efficacious remedies from Chinese tradition, married with nutrition, diet, cooking classes, emotional wellbeing, and spirituality. Marcea can treat a range of ailments including hormonal imbalance, subfertility, thyroid dysfunction, allergy, immunity, and mental health.  A mind-body approach is used at all times, with good results. I would endorse Marcea’s work for its authenticity, credibility and sincerity.

-Dr. Janet Widmer

Due to a number of very stressful life events, I was feeling very depleted and exhausted physically. I had little energy and was becoming increasingly concerned as I didn’t feel able to ‘bounce’ back. After consulting with Marcea Klein she recommended Chinese Herbs. After 6 weeks of taking the herbs, I started to feel increased energy levels, as well as a greater feeling of physical wellbeing. I still take the herbs, and can feel that they are doing a lot of good for my system, including areas of my body that always had problematic health issues. I would strongly recommend that if you are feeling ill health, or not quite right that you trust Marcea’s professional recommendations.  I am very relieved that with Marcea’s assistance I have been able to turn around absolute exhaustion before it developed into chronic and long term health issues.

-Katie Mason

One of our daughters was diagnosed with asthma at the age of three. The G.P. gave us prescriptions for suppressing the symptoms. Her health only became worse.  She had more colds, asthma attacks, headaches high temperatures, and 2 overnight stays in the hospital. Marcea recommended that I attend her cooking workshops which helped a great deal, along with changes in diet and lifestyle, herbs, and nutritional vitamins and minerals. My daughter continued to improve and we also benefitted and fine-tuned our health issues and learned more about how to use Food as Medicine and also in our daily lives.

-D. D.

Both western medicine as practiced today and alternative or complementary therapies have advantages and disadvantages. In one of her books, Natural Health and Healing for Children,(1990)  Marcea concentrates on the natural healing methods which attempt to augment the body’s own healing powers, reasoning that much of the time, western medicine pays more attention to the removal of the symptoms than to the underlying causes of the disease. …It is important that people such as Marcea continue to offer alternatives to conventional therapy. In this book, Marcea provides options for those parents wanting to try remedies that can be administered at home, whilst being very clear, and helpful in suggesting times when a practitioner is best consulted.

-Dr. John Harrison MB. BS. Author of Love Your Disease- It’s Keeping You Healthy

After seeing Marcea for nutritional advice I began on a course of digestive enzymes to help my digestion and nutritional absorption. I took  Calcium and Magnesium for my muscle cramps and Salmon Oil for the inflammation caused by my diverticulitis.  My digestion has improved and I now absorb my food much better, I no longer have muscle cramps and have reduced the inflammation in my bowel. I have no hesitation in recommending Marcea who can really help you to get well and feel terrific.

-H. C.

I feel beautiful. My life has changed dramatically. I haven’t felt this good about myself in a long time. I’ve dropped from a size 22 to a size 9 in 4-1/2 months! I’ve had to change my entire wardrobe from plus sizes to misses. My skin is clearer, my body is trimmer, and I look and feel better about myself every day. I attended a family function and I received so many compliments on my new look. Before I started the program, I could barely walk up the stairs without running short of breath. Now I race up the stairs because of the energy I have. I exercise twice a day. I’m also pleased that I haven’t had any asthma attacks since I’ve started the program. It’s the only program that helps you to lose weight safely and keep it off!

-Anela Ogawa, Hawaii

I have gone on an exploratory and experimental journey in order to address certain personal health issues.  Central to my focus was my being overweight with all its ramifications and having a form of irritable bowel syndrome.  One of my key resources in this inquiry was Marcea Klein.  She has a wide range of information, techniques and approaches that helped to shed light on my conditions. Most notably, I started to consume mostly organic food thanks to Marcea’s input which in turn revealed a much clearer pattern between the food I ate and how my body responded.  This has put me ‘back in the driver’s seat’ and enabled me to manage my health in a simple and natural way.

-Healthier and Happier, from NSW

I have had difficulty with my digestive system for years with bloating, nausea, loose bowels, and pain. Marcea helped me to gradually change my style of cooking and eating by suggesting ways to prepare foods in her cooking workshops, foods to eliminate, and foods that I could digest well along with some lifestyle changes. I no longer suffer from these conditions and I highly recommend her as a practitioner.


I came to Marcea because I had 10 IVF treatments and still could not get pregnant. She treated both myself and my husband and soon after an initial consultation with him discovered that he had a very low sperm count and little motility.  She discovered that he had been exposed to a great deal of chemical pesticide sprays used on the farm. After a suggested detox and herbs along with dietary and lifestyle changes his count and motility improved. I also changed my diet and lifestyle and took up yoga, walking, and meditation. After several months of trying, we conceived! Thank you so much for all your wisdom and patience and perseverance.

-Rosie R.

After giving birth to one child who experienced Asthma and another pneumonia I was determined to find a way to have healthier children. At the age of 39 I became pregnant and I consulted Marcea who had already helped my other two children successfully with their health imbalances. She started me on her Nutritional, Diet and Lifestyle Pregnancy Program. I gave birth to a healthy girl and then at the age of forty to a healthy boy. These two children have no health issues and have excelled in their school studies, thanks to Marcea and her Pregnancy Program.


I first met Marcea at the age of 19 when I was on medication for depression, underweight and experiencing multiple food allergies that would cause my throat to swell up whenever I ate. I went on to see Marcea for counselling and also attended her wonderful cooking workshops.  Marcea has wisdom and intuition that exudes into all she says and does.


Having Known Marcea for 16 years I know she is passionate about the health & well-being of women and has never stopped learning and expanding her knowledge base. She is firm and pragmatic in her approach to healing, but she is also extremely empathetic and will go above and beyond the call of duty at her end to get results.  She is innovative and creative in her approach to food and health, but all of that is grounded in a thorough, holistic understanding of balance & harmony.  Marcea will look at the whole person and beyond, rather than at a single presenting symptom. I can honestly say that Marcea helped me to change the direction of my life, and to completely turn my health around.  I would not hesitate to recommend her to any woman wanting to improve their wellbeing.


Working with Marcea has been a life-changing experience. She has helped me realise mind really is connected to the body. To clear my digestive problems, the first step was to clear my mind of mental clutter that was no longer serving me. Through regular counseling sessions and dream analysis we were able to achieve that, I was in a better state to be able to digest what was going on in my life and saw my digestion improve at the same time. Together with helpful diet suggestions and recipes specific to my body’s needs, I am feeling better than I have in a long time and for that, I am so grateful.

-Grateful Grace