Hormonal Rebalancing

There’s a persistent myth that only women above 50 have hormonal imbalances. That’s simply not true. PMS, PCOS and Fibroids are all commonly experienced by younger women too.

Even mental health issues like depression and anxiety can have their roots in hormonal imbalance. In fact, almost every key function in your body is regulated by hormones, which is why they are the cause behind a host of health complaints in men and women of all ages.

Your body’s internal systems rely on exact doses of specific hormones delivered at exactly the right moment. It’s a big job for tiny quantities of chemicals. When your hormones are out of balance your internal systems don’t function as well as they should, leaving you feeling off your game.

More serious hormonal imbalances can make it difficult to conceive, lose weight or maintain your energy levels. The good news is that by rebalancing your hormones and making simple changes to your diet and lifestyle, it’s possible to reverse any systemic damage and get back your natural spark.


A healthy approach to living well

Have you ever noticed that your physical, mental and emotional health are all connected? One of the most obvious examples of this is the way that fluctuating hormone levels cause your body weight to change.

Looking at your symptoms in isolation won’t help you stay well. Neither will focusing on a single cause when you become ill. Ancient wisdom and modern science both tell us that a holistic, integrative approach is the best way to ensure a long and healthy life.

Too often these days we find ourselves rushed through consultations and given one-size-fits-all healthcare solutions that don’t work for us. A personal and emotionally supportive relationship with your healthcare practitioner is fundamental to the healing process.

With more than 30 years’ experience helping clients heal themselves, Marcea invites you to join her in a supportive partnership where you can work together towards a positive outcome.

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