Counselling and Therapy


Do you find your relationships difficult to deal with these days and you’re not sure what to do about it?

Maybe you simply want to decide if your relationship is meant for you – there’s been so much fighting and arguing, especially over the small stuff, that it’s left you feeling exhausted and hopeless. Perhaps you’ve thought about seeking professional support for a while now, but haven’t taken that first step…

Do you have physical health and wellness concerns but not getting the results that you want?

There’s a direct relationship between emotional well-being and physical illness. For example, fibromyalgia IBS and Crohn’s disease have both been linked to stress and gut health, while hormonal imbalances and nutrient deficiencies are known catalysts for depression. Talking to a professional can boost your mind-body health and leave you feeling well all over.

The counselling relationship provides support and guidance, offering you an opportunity to explore your thoughts, feelings, goals, hopes and desires. The primary focus is on the here and now: what you are experiencing in the present moment in relation to your current challenges.

Buddhist Mindfulness Counselling

We all long for something or someway to take us outside our physical, mental or emotional suffering and avoid the experience of life’s unpredictable transitions. Most people who come to me are feeling stuck or trapped in some way, in a job, in a relationship, in themselves. In a therapeutic relationship, you can find a way to speak about this that leads to something stuck becoming unstuck.

I use different therapy, meditation, awareness and mindfulness methods in my work,  As you seek insight into your own experience, I listen deeply to the content of what you say and pay attention to your feelings and underlying issues that emerge in the conversation between us. This has the potential to assist you in achieving a more fulfilling life regardless of your external circumstances.

Mindfullness means that the mind is present in embodied everyday experience; mindfulness techniques are designed to lead the mind back from its theories and preoccupations, back from the abstract attitude, to the situation of one’s experience itself.

From Varela, Thompson & Rosch’s book ‘The Embodied Mind’

Marcea treats individuals, couples and families using an integrative holistic approach that draws on a range of theories and techniques. Her method considers all aspects of a person’s being – mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and social – and can assist you through difficult times or help you manage life’s changes.


A healthy approach to living well

Have you ever noticed that your physical, mental and emotional health are all connected? One of the most obvious examples of this is the way that stress causes your body, mind and spirit to be out of balance.

Looking at your symptoms in isolation won’t help you stay well. Neither will focusing on a single cause when you become ill. Ancient wisdom and modern science both tell us that a holistic, integrative approach is the best way to ensure a long and healthy life.

Too often these days we find ourselves rushed through consultations and given one-size-fits-all healthcare solutions that don’t work for us. A personal and emotionally supportive relationship with your healthcare practitioner is fundamental to the healing process.

With more than 30 years’ experience helping clients heal themselves, Marcea invites you to join her in a supportive partnership where you can work together towards a positive outcome.


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