Children’s Health

Restore and Maintain Your Child’s Health and Well-being

After struggling for many years to start a family, Marcea’s passion resulted in the birth of 2 children. One at the age of 41, a second at 46. This empowered her to further her studies in health to help other parents achieve the same result as naturally as possible.

Through her clinic, cooking workshops, books, articles, and formal teaching she improves parents’ knowledge and understanding of the roles that food, diet and lifestyle have in preparing for, achieving pregnancy, and raising healthy and happy children.

With her integrative approach, she believes we are able to create and sustain a healthier and more wholesome life for generations to come.

In her clinic, Marcea can discover the root causes of your children’s imbalances in health. Sometimes symptoms can show up as sleeping problems, behavioral imbalances, eczema, allergies, asthma, tummy upsets and more.

Child in Hammock

Support Your Child’s Health

By investigating your child’s diet and lifestyle factors such as food sensitivities, environmental toxicants and more, the root cause of these symptoms can be addressed naturally. All this helps to transform your child’s physical, emotional and mental health concerns into vibrant health.

Another focus of the clinic is to help women who are having difficulty conceiving, get pregnant as naturally as possible. It all starts with you and your partner’s health. Discover the best ways to prepare your body and mind for a healthy pregnancy and birth.

Once the baby is born, Marcea helps mother and baby get started on the right track with breastfeeding and regaining her own health and vitality. As the baby grows, natural remedies are introduced when necessary for common childhood issues.

If you’re a health conscious mama or mama to be, you want to have this important information for your families health and well-being.

Marcea empowers parents take more of their children’s health care into their own hands. She can guide you through the often confusing maze of how and when to use natural remedies safely and effectively for your children.

By giving you the tools you’ll need to treat your child’s symptoms naturally, through diet and lifestyle, you will liberated from the concern that we all face as mothers about making sure we’re doing the right thing for our children’s health.

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Baby’s Looking to You

You owe it to yourself and those around you to eliminate your own concern and worry. Give your children the best possible natural start in life they deserve – abundant health and well-being:

  • Find out the natural remedies that work for your child AND are safe
  • Learn how to use easy everyday foods, herbs, supplements and lifestyle techniques to support your child’s best health
  • Explore age-optimized recipes for each developmental stage
  • Prevent the overuse of antibiotics and other medications
  • Create a natural home kitchen medicine chest
  • Create a travel kit to keep on hand for short or long journeys
  • Learn when to call the doctor
  • Discover safe dietary and lifestyle adjustments for toxic overload

This generation of children have escalating rates of so many conditions like food allergies, ADHD, asthma, diabetes, obesity and autism. As a result you as a parent, and families, schools and communities are having to learn how to deal with these conditions like never before.

With more than 30 years experience helping people of all ages, Marcea invites you to join her in a supportive relationship to work together towards a positive outcome for your children’s health and well being.

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