Blue Mountains Autumn Tofu And Vegetable Balls – Meatless Mondays

This past weekend I had the delightful experience of teaching a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) food energetic cooking workshop in the Blue Mountains on a beautiful dry, warm sunny day. As we looked at the beautiful colours and setting sun. we ate lots of vegetarian and vegan dishes together.

One of the dishes that we enjoyed was Autumn Steamed Tofu and Vegetable Balls, an excellent vegetarian protein dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner, which can moisten our lungs.

FB Bl. Mts. Autumn 1

Autumn Tofu And Vegetable Balls

Plant Based, GF, DF, Vegetarian


175 gr. tofu (semi firm) pressed

1 tablespoon miso

1 organic egg

½ cup chopped shallots

½ cup grated carrot/pumpkin

½ cup chopped coriander

2  teaspoons cumin or cardamom powder

2 teaspoons fresh or 1 teaspoon ground basil

¼ – 1/3  cup chickpea, rice, quinoa flour as needed for binding

½ cup black or un-hulled sesame seeds

Kale leaves for lining the steamer

Tamari Dip

4 tablespoons tamari

½ cup hot water

1 teaspoon grated radish or finely chopped shallots

1 teaspoon grated ginger juice

Bl Mts. Tofu Balls Ing.


1. Make the Tamari Dip by combining all the ingredients together. Set aside.

2. Drain tofu and wrap in tea towel. Place a heavy weight on top to remove some of the moisture.

3. Blend a bit till ground but not too creamy. Then add egg and the vegetables and blend together.

4. Remove from the processor or blender. If the mixture is not sticking together  when you roll it into a ball add a bit more flour.

5. If the mixture is too sticky, flour your hands before rolling into balls. Roll in sesame seeds.

FB Bl.Mts Tofu balls finished

6. Lay some green leaves on the steamer base. I used kale.  Steam 10 minutes or in the cooler weather you can deep fry.

FB Bl Mts. Tofu balls finshed 2

7. Wrap some of the balls in the vegetables that you used on the base of the steamer. Serve the other “black tofu balls” without a wrapper and enjoy them watching the sun rise or set!

Serve with Tamari Dip. 

FB Bl. Mts. Autumn sun


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