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Marcea has had the unique opportunity of helping pioneer, at the grass roots level, the early Organic Whole Foods movement in NY, Boston, California and London, way back in the 1960s. Ever since then she has been a leader and pioneer in the field of wellness. A painful back injury led Marcea to an alternative practitioner in NY who recommended she change her diet to include more whole grains, vegetables, beans, fish and sea vegetables. She discovered a macrobiotic restaurant, loved the food and applied for a job as a waitress. Two weeks later she was pain free and never looked back. She began writing recipes and selling her home-baked goods in a pushcart in Central Park, introducing “healthy options” to anyone who might be willing to take the plunge.

She later moved to San Francisco where she studied Japanese Macrobiotic Cooking and Philosophy. She owned and operated The Noodle Nook, the first vegetarian macrobiotic snack bar in Berkeley California in the late ’60s. When Marcea moved back to NYC two years later she began to experiment with tofu, using it in a unique and creative way by making the first “tofu cheesecake” and marketing it to many of the health food restaurants around N.Y.C. A year later she moved up to Boston and in 1974 she wrote and published her first book, “The Sweet Life”, which uses no dairy and sugar and has a GF index. She has studied Macrobiotic Cuisine and Philosophy with Michio and Aveline Kushi in Boston, with Herman and Cornelia Aihara in California and with Lima Oshawa in Japan.

In the 1970s Marcea conducted cooking workshops and created a Wholefoods bakery in London. It was there she met Bruce Gyngell; the guiding force behind Nine’s success in the early years of the industry, he also helped direct the Seven Revolution in the ’70s and ’80s, shaped multicultural television at SBS and played a major role in British television. He invited her to Sydney Australia to teach cooking and philosophy. In 1981 she established the first Health Food Tofu factory in Sydney, which specialised in Traditional Organic Tofu. Marcea studied Chinese Herbal and Nutritional Medicine in Sydney at Cathay Herbal and China Herb in the ’80s and Counselling, Psychotherapy, Buddhist Psychotherapy and Dream Analysis at ICP in the ’90s. She co-directed the East West Centre in Sydney, and established the Wholesome Gourmet Cookery School.

In 1984 she wrote “The Australian and New Zealand Book of Wholemeals”. In 1985 she had her own Natural Foods Cuisine segment on the ABC. She appeared many times on Ann’s International Kitchen on SBS. In 1989 she wrote another cookery book, “Macrobiotics and Beyond’. Also in 1989 she revised “The Sweet Life”, republishing it under the name of “Naturally Sweet”. In 1992, she published “Natural Health and Healing for Children”. She had a regular column in the Good Living Section of the Sydney Morning Herald on Cooking with Natural Foods for several years and a regular column in Nature and Health magazine for over 20 years.

“The more I observed, the more convinced I became that the key to health is understanding each person’s individual needs, rather than following a set of predetermined rules. What we eat and how we spend our time and each and everything we do and ingest affects us. If we learn how our diet and lifestyle affect our bodies and minds, we can make better informed choices about whether to change or continue on the road we are on.

I saw plenty of evidence that having happy relationships, a fulfilling career, an exercise routine and a spiritual practice are more important to health than simply your daily diet. It was from these discoveries that I developed the concept of an Integrative Holistic Health and Wellbeing approach to help individuals discover the food and lifestyle choices that work best for them. All of this starts with you making that first decision to make changes. Nutrition, lifestyle changes and healthy relationships can help you experience vibrancy, energy, balance and sensuality.

My dream has always been to change the world of women’s health. Be the best you can, physically, emotionally and spiritually.



  • Developed “The Noodle Nook”, the first Whole Food Japanese noodle bar in Berkeley Ca. in the late ’60s
  • Created the first “tofu cheesecake” and marketed it to health food restaurants across New York City in the ’70s
  • Pioneered a “wholefood sweets” pushcart business in Central Park, NY in the ’70s
  • Published “The Sweet Life” in 1974, featuring sugarless wholesome desserts and Gluten Free recipes
  • Operated a Wholefood Bakery in London in the ’70s
  • Introduced Oki-Do Yoga to Australia in the ’80s
  • Owned & operated the first authentic Japanese Natural Tofu factory in Sydney, Australia in the ’70s
  • Authored 7 books on cooking, wellness and Health and Healing for Children and Adults in the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s
  • Appeared on ABC and SBS TV & Radio shows in the 1980s
  • Established the East West – Alternative Healing and Cooking Centre in Sydney and London in the ’70s and ’80s respectively
  • Food Journalist for the Sydney Morning Herald in the 1980s
  • Freelance journalist for Wellbeing Magazine
  • Food and Health column in “Nature and Health Magazine” for 20 years
  • Private practice in Sydney and the Blue Mountains In counselling, psychotherapy, food coaching and diet and lifestyle
  • Teaches organic, seasonal sustainable Whole Foods Cooking classes in Sydney and around Australia
  • Lectures on Oriental Nutrition at Nature Care College
  • Lectured at Academy of Environmental and Nutritional Medicine, Sydney in 2009
  • Lectured at Sustain/Natural Organic Expo 2012 on Hormonal Health for Women, Men and Children
  • Facilitates Pre- and Post-Natal Wisdom groups and private consultations at Body, Mind Life in Surry Hills, and in Balmain and the Blue Mts.


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